Write an article in 150-200 words on “What I want to be in life.”

What I Want to be in Life

by Simranjit

Every teenager has a dream to achieve something in life. To be really possible, the ambition has to be a true reflection of the dreamer’s personality, spirit, character and values. In addition, one must work hard to achieve or fulfil one’s dreams. Commitment and sincere desire to fulfil one’s dream can materialise in reality and fulfil one’s cherished desire. But what will one do armed with such knowledge? Well, one can use the dream to add purpose and momentum to one’s life right now.

Successful, satisfied people know the value of dream and visions and they are always working for them. To such people, the dream is their life. Like a painter working on a canvas, a youth sees all daily achievements as contributing to a larger effort that expresses life’s very essence. Our dreams not only point the way to a richer future, they also keep us connected with our guiding values and fulfil our dream of what we want to be in life. When we are prepared and courageous enough to convert our dreams into present day goals, we are prepared to live a life of no regrets.