Write and article in 150-200 words on “Beautiful Mind Better than a Fair Complexion”.

Beautiful Mind Better than a Fair Complexion

by Nimmi

In India people are obsessed with fair complexions. When we read matrimonial advertisements, it is really very annoying that everyone wants a fair complexion bride. Sale of fairness creams is also an indication of people’s obsession with fair complexion.

It is in total contrast to people of western countries who are very fair and they intentionally sun their body to get their complexion tanned.

Actually, real beauty is in our minds and this is what should matter. The complexion is only skin deep. Our deeds and actions depend on our inner beauty of mind only.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”. This saying conveys the significance of inner beauty. Our behaviour in society, our acts of kindness and compassion, gracefulness and empathy, all reveal our inner beauty or beauty of mind. So instead of giving preference to a fair complexion, one should look at the inner beauty which provides us perceptual experience, pleasure and satisfaction, inspiring us to perform good deeds and actions.