Write a Short Story : ICSE Class 10 Board Questions and Answers On English Language

Write a Short Story Based Questions and Answers for ICSE Class 10 Board Exams


  1. Write an original short story that begins with the words : ‘It’s not my fault’, he shouted.


Misplacing of camera


Its not my fault he shouted as he went across to the opposite Bank of the river in the boat he was very annoyed with his friends, who accused him of forgetting the camera at a coffee shop.

He is seemed a teenage boy, who came with his friends on a school trip . I came here because this place was a famous tourist spot . it was famous for its watery scenery and numerous water sports besides their cultural dance and music. It was really fascinating to see how one could enjoy a whole world of entertainment here.

However, I was curious to know more about that teenage boy . many questions came in my mind whose camera it was? What made him forgot the camera? Did he went to find it? Therefore, to settle my curiosity I inquired about him from the children who came on the same school trip . I came to know that his name was Rohan he belongs to a middle class family . he was passionate about photography . another child informed me that some of his friends were quite rich . one of his friends brought his camera on the trip . because Rohan clicked beautiful pictures, his friend gave his camera to him . after every click, Rohan used to return the camera back to his friend comma Ankit .But Ankit was very irresponsible . Although he brought his expensive camera, he did not want to shoulder any responsibility of keeping it safe . After clicking pictures in the coffee shop, Rohan placed the camera in Ankit stand . Ankit, however, kept it on the table . they said there for a while and left from there . when they crossed a beautiful temple, they thought of getting some pictures clicked . it was them, everyone realised that the camera was missing . Ankit and others started blaming Rohan, Rohan felt humiliated and left his group.


I felt Pity for Rohan and wanted to help him . I went to the coffee shop and narrated the entire incident. The manager of the coffee shop was a genuine man. He ordered his stuff to find the camera. Suddenly, one of the staff members remembered that one of those boys went to the washroom while leaving . the camera was very much there in the washroom. I went took it and return it to Ankit . He then realised his mistake and apologized to Rohan.



2. Write an original short story that begins with the words “In the background I could hear an awful commotion, men’s voice is raised and women screaming”.

 Tremulous fire

In the background comma I could hear and awful commotion, men’s voice is raised and woman screaming period I was at Los to understand what the matter was period I tried to ignore and sleep but the voice was too severe period I could hardly sleep period I was so irritated that I threw my seat and rushed towards the Window Period I was against to find that the kickback clouds of smoke were a man mating in the sky period I was sure that something terrible had happened the whole scenario was one of chaos and hundreds of people had come out of their homes with bucket full of water period they tried to extinguish the fire, but of no avail period huge Flames of fire LIC into the sky making the scene look tremulous and terrifying period

I rushed into my parents room and cook them period they wear fast asleep, as the room was in the rear period date to wear badly bewildered after I give them the news period we rushed downstairs and joined the crowd which was besirk with shrieks and clamorous. While some people were running desperately for water, some printed due to suffocation.

On inquiring, we came to know that the multi storied building was fought in a blazing fire period short circuit was expected to be the reason of the fire period I could see a lot of smoke rushing out of its many floors but nothing seemed to be clearly visible.
The entire building was disastrously caught in fire, without any possibility of rescue and escape period many people were caught in the building period the black hideous mob wrapped it self around the building period the whole building was lost in a pack of miseries and cries of people shouting for help.

The fire brigade arrived and many fire tenders rushed to the spot period water was thrown at a tremendous speed and quantity period the people trapped were asked to move to one side of the building period slowly they all were rescued from the demolishing fire which was ready to swallow each and everything at sight.
I had never had such a bewildering experience in my entire life. It was the most devastating and dangerous life experience I witnessed.


3. Write an original short story that begins with the words: “It was not going to be easy she knew, but somehow she had to confront him. She took a deep breath and walked into the room”.



It was not going to be easy she knew, but somehow she had to confront him she took a deep breath and walked into the room.

She came across dark corridor and then the room started as the light came. He was sitting right in front reading newspaper. His back was towards her. She was nervous as she knew why she was called. She also has attended but somehow she broke the lump in her throat and called for him.

He turned towards her and kept the newspaper aside. He was wearing spectacles, which he said only took out and put them on the table. His eyes were somewhat bulging out as though they wear supported by the spring and could anytime come out.
He asked her about her school report card. She came looking down as she did not have the courage to see in into his eyes. He waited for her response but when there was no answer, he lost his come and shouted with anger. His eyes got filled with blood and he pushed the chair violently. It made the poor girl rattle with fear. Shiveringly she dropped her report card on the floor. All the blood vanished from her face making her look completely pale. Her father picked up the report card. I’ll be opened it, so that his daughters Cold all the marks in ninety’s. A smile came upon his anger face. His eyes turned towards his daughter who was still trembling with fear. He went towards her and hugged her. She was aghast at her father’s behaviour. Although out of words she felt the love of a father for her. This was all that she ever decide after the death of her mother. Actually 2 years ago, her mother expired in an accident. Her father could not accept her mother’s death and groove negative towards life. He was stricter, emotionless and passive. He did not want her daughter to get in bad company as her mother was no more to look after her. 2 months before her boards, her father made it very clear that she must score full marks in order to get into the best college in the City. But her result came Her score was 92.5% which was not enough to get her a seat in the best college of the city.

She was scared that her father would be disappointed. Does, she feared to reveal her marks to her dad. He, however jumped with excitement as her daughter had worked hard and scored in 90s. Achill ran down her Spine and suddenly all the fear disappeared. Now she could enjoy her result.



4. Write an original short story entitled : “lost and found”


Lost and found


The graveyard was cold, dark and dreary. One weary old oak tree leaned over the entrance gate and broken battered headstones where scattered all around. The sound of the howling wind and the creak and groan of branches as they swayed in the storm. The smell of fear and rotting leaves filled my nostrils and I swallowed deeply afraid that I would get sick.
As I walked towards my brothers Grave, I had another noise. It was of slow heavy footsteps. I turned, but tall muscular man was walking towards me.
“I don’t think this is such a good idea”, I shouted over the wind. It’s too late to change your mind, the man replied in a low threatening voice. Either Vedic in pub now or you spend the rest of your life wondering how he died.
Ok, ok, I mumbled.

I could still remember the day goes to Army officers arrived at my house to tell me, my brother was dead. I lost my brother. Their cold hard faces gave little away when I asked how he died. Killed in the course of duty was all this would say. Everything else was classified. They handed me a letter from my brother, saluted, then turned and left, I stood frozen to the spot, Dazed and Confused and devastated.

I could not bore the loss of my brother. Finally, I opened the letter with trembling fingers but only one line stayed back at me. “I will always be with you brother, John”
What did he mean? How could be here with me ever again? He was dead.

Now I leaned heavily On The Rusty Shaw well in my hands and started to dig, determined to the uncover the truth. The scar faced men decide me pig and pig at the other end and son my brothers coughing began to emerge from beneath the layers of sodden Earth. Feast with this moment of truth comma I begin to panic. What if I was wrong? I news on headed the Army, I knew he wanted out.

I looked down at the coffin as my hired helper dubbed at the lid with a crowbar. With allowed snap the lead flew back revealing the frozen Cops inside. My whole body filled with relieve, there was a deadman in the coffin. I found out that it was not my brother.


5. Write an original short story, beginning with the following lines: “The water was cold. I took a deep breath and jumped….”


Irrevocable Mistake

The water was cold. I took a deep breath and jumped. There was no alternative left. The police was very close.
It was very complicated case. I wish I had not broken into this mad run. I wish I would have had the courage to stay back and explain that it was not be who killed that boy. But then who was listening? Did the sub inspector have patience to listen to me? As I tried to swim across the Ice cold water, needles of shivering cold hearted across my Limbs. If I stayed too long in the water, I would freeze.

It all began just week ago. A new student entered the college. You wanted to join our group. Being seniors we took it as an opportunity to make him do odd things. Although comma ragging was totally banned in the college, we did not obey the rules and wanted to have some fun. We asked the new boy to meet us near an old fort late in the night. The fort was near the highway and not many people went there.
In fact in fact it was popular for it horror stories. Sony comma was from a different city and did not know much about the fort. When we reached the Fort, it was already 12:30 A.M. Raman was waiting for us all alone. He was looking so pale as if he had seen ghost.

We went towards him and explained him his task. The fort had a huge water compound. He was instructed to climb up the steps and jump into the water compound. His passive reaction and unwillingness spoilt our plan. So I climbed with him up the steps and assured him that I will jump with him. He was still reluctant. I convinced him that we all have done this many times. As we were about to jump, I stepped backward and he jumped alone. We all enjoyed that the scene and busted into peals of laughter. But soon our laughter gave way to panic. We saw Raman’s body floating on the water. No sooner we rushed to pull him out, we could hear the blaring of police sirens. The police was on its usual patrolling and saw my friends rushing out in panic from the fort. I was caught holding the body. I troubled with fear as the police began to approach me. I broke into a run. I run as fast as my legs good carry me, not passing, not thinking. But now I have crossed the river and run safely on the other side of the river bank. I have not decided to go to the nearest police station and tell them the truth, the whole incident as it actually happened. I am sure that the truth and nothing but the truth will set me free.



6. Write a short story entitled: “Escaped”.



John wanted to escape from the world. He had nobody in the world. One day he went to the city to get some food. On his Way He shot 16 Zombies: who wanted to attack him. Then he saw a girl who did not look like a zombie. When she saw him, her eyes glanced. There was hope in her eyes. John short a zombie that came along. She got scared. He stopped the car and the girl ran to him.

John took her home. Her name was Jane. She had lost her whole family to the Zombies. But now she felt safe with John.

One day, John went to the forest but while he was coming home to the farm, he said thousands of zombies at the farm. He run as fast as he could but he could not help it anymore. The Zombies got Jane. He screamed and cried. His new found hope was gone. He lost Jane in the Zombie invasion.

The zombies got attentive because of John’s screams. But his eyes were closed and he opened them when he heard some strange noises in front of him. He saw all the Zombies coming towards him. He ran to his car and turned on the engine. Every 100m there was impressed cars with dead person or Zombies. He knew he was lost.

After days of only driving around he stopped the car on the highway. He took his gun and help it to his head. His eyes hurt and were red. There was no other way to escape the Zombies. He had no food.

There was there was no noise around him. He pulled the trigger, a loud noise came out of the gun and he escaped the world.

He took his life, two miles before he reached the military base where he could have been safe with other people who gave up on their hope.



7. Write a short story in which a little girl, her twin brothers and the school Bully are the main characters.


Tears of Repentance

Rachel and Riya were the twin sisters. They were ten years old. They were carbon copy of each other. It was hard to tell them apart. Blessed with abundant good looks and bunches of girls on their heads, they had wonderful hearts which any parent would feel proud of. They wear soft spoken and never said anything bad for anyone. They were known for their kind words and good deeds. They carried million dollars miles on their innocent and beautiful faces. They were in 4th class.

Also known to everyone in the school was Jack-the school bully. Rudeness, disrespect, tormenting and teasing each other students wear his quality traits. He had a little band of supporters to boot. He was in class right. Shy by nature, he always carried out his mischief behind the teachers backs. Rachel and Riya where is perpetual target. They were subjected to all kinds of comments and ridicule. Jack could not comprehend and endure their behaviour.

As Christmas was around the corner, the teacher asked all the students to indulge themselves in different task in order to spread the message of Christmas to others. While some wrote poems on love and peace, some made handmade cards and other packed gifts to there dear ones. Rachel and Riya got busy in decorating the little tree in front of their class. They started putting up little coloured pieces of paper on the tree. From a distance, Jack was enjoying the twins with malicious intent. He and his supporters where all chuckles, while duo were at work. The twins went about their task assiduously, smiling and Humming carols. From the teacher to the headmaster, everyone applauded their effort.

Jack, like a Hawk, was waiting to shoot down and seize the opportunity to destroy the twins labour of love. He could not see everyone praising them. His moment came soon when Rachel and Riya left the Christmas tree on its own. Jack and his gang crawled, and noticed towards the tree. When they reached close to the tree, Jack thought that it was a pretty ordinary effort on their part.

Seemingly, plain bits of paper, strung out on the boughs. They began to pull off the road pieces of paper. However comma before hearing them up, Jack thought about opening the rolled paper and see what was written. On one of those many bits of paper was written-“Happy Christmas Jack. We love you. Jesus loves you too. God bless, Rachel and Riya”.
Jack’s heart melted. Tears of repentance began to flow down his cheeks. He quickly rushed off to the twins and apologized to them for all his mischiefs.



8. Relate an incident or Write a short story which has as its Central idea, “ Advice not Taken”.


Advice not Taken

The ability to make effective decision is a fundamental requirement for both professional successful and personal happiness. A teenager is restless, keen to learn, willing to try new flavours of life and finally, aggressive in behaviour. We feel that our decisions are right and perfect and so we do not prefer to listen to the advice of our elders.

Teenagers are gregarious and so am I. I would prefer to be in a park with all my friends then in Mauritius with my family. I would seize the opportunity to be with my friends. Once my friends and I decided to go out and watch a movie at PVR. On the other hand, there was a family function that day. I asked my mother if I could go out with my friends that day and the clear and obvious answer was, no! How could I be out when there was a family event? I stood hard on my decision and compelled her to stand with it.

The difficult part was over as I had convinced my mother and did not have any pressure of missing an event. Like all mothers, my mother advised me not to go to crowded places and carry her cell phone with me. We all left early than scheduled as we decided to roam around and also spend some time in the gaming centre. After spending our time at the gaming Centre we went to book tickets for the movie.

Luckily we got the tickets for the current show and all our seats were in the same row. But little did you know that our luck would stay with us for just a while. Hardly did the movie we can, a group of men passed into the theatre hall and started creating a chaos.

They asked all of us to leave the screening hall. The big and damaging the chairs, lights and where creating a Rampage. Call of was were suddenly taken aback. Some panicked, some rest out, some stayed in their places and some where confused like us. There was a lot of chaos at the exit doors where all of the audience started rushing out. It was almost a stampede scene.

Soon the police arrived and brought the situation under control. They took us aside and made sure that we were safe. They asked us why we had come without our parents and advised us not to go to search places without them.

Disappointed I came home and also felt guilty of not taking her advice. If I had taken my mother’s advice, I would not have to go through all this.


9. Write a short story which illustrates the truth of the statement, “Rumour is a great traveller”

Rumour is a great Traveller

Once upon a time, it happened in a forest that a hare was resting under a banyan tree. He had an incubation of Doom and thought, “what would happened to me if the earth will break?” suddenly, he had a weird striking sound. He said, it’s happened, the earth is breaking up. He jumped up and ran madly without even observing the direction.

When he was running through the forest, another hare so him and ask, what happened? The hair cried, the earth is breaking up. You better run too. The second hair ran so fast that he over took the first hare. As they were passing the forest, they shouted, the earth is breaking up, the earth is breaking up, very soon thousand of hares where running through the forest.

On seeing hare running through the forest, the other animals to got frightened. The news spread from mouth to mouth and soon everyone came to know that the Earth was breaking up. It did not take much time before all the animals joined the race. All Creatures weather reptiles or birds, or four footed animals, everyone was trying to escape and their cries of fear created chaos all around.

A lion standing on a hill so all the animals running and thought, what is the matter ?He ran down the hill rapidly and positioned himself in front of the crowd. He shouted at them, stop! Stop! The powerful presence of the lion curtailed the rising wave of fright among the animals.

A parrot yelled, the earth is breaking up, a lightning on a rock near him. The Lion asked who said it? The parrot replied comma I heard it from the monkeys. When the monkeys were asked, they replied that they had heard it from the tigers. When the Tigers were asked it was found that they were informed by the elephants. The elephants told that the buffaloes formed their source.

Finally, when the hare were caught up, they pointed out to another until the one who started this maniac was recognised. The Lion asked the hare as to what made him think that the Earth was breaking up. The Lion Singh rusticated the matter and explode that the sound that the hare had heard has been caused by a large coconut falling from a tree.

The Lion said to all the animals, “ go back to your homes. Next time onwards check a rumour before acting on it”


10. Write an original short story that concludes with the sentence, “After it was all over, I realised that every cloud has a silver lining”

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

“You are under arrest.” I looked back and saw the police officer with hordes of others. I was quickly visited into a car and taken like a high profile criminal. The car stopped not in front of the police station but at the crime branch headquarters where the SSP and other senior officers waited for me.

As I stepped out of the car, news man flashed their cameras. There was a chaos. However, I was taken to an inner room for interrogation. I was frightened and had no idea about the happenings and was totally disarrayed. At last someone dressed in civil uniform came and start questioning me. “How do you know Dawood? What are your plans? The questions kept pouring and cause more puzzling environment. The police was already issuing statement outside how they had trapped Chetan, the Dawood’s man in Pune.

A mobile company chairman from the national capital raised his staff for a wonderful technology in pinning down a kingpin and helping to erase terrorism from India. The evening newspaper had splashed my photographs on the front page and every channel work its name has footage of me as breaking news. I was sweating. I told them that I was innocent, but no one paid any heed to it. Suddenly, it came to my mind that probably this is the famous Bakra show telecasted by MTV. I started looking for hidden cameras. A smilel came on my face as I could not be fooled any longer. Seeing me smile, the police warned me of dire consequences. I also heard some of the police officials talking about using third degree on me. I was terrified and the thought of it. They would use third degree to force the truth out of me. But the truth was that I was innocent and no one wanted to believe that.

After great difficulty, I understood the entire situation. The much talked about criminal, Dawood was inviting orders to his counterparts in India these orders were given on a mobile number which was similar to mine. The police had intercepted some messages and played them for me. I said the voice was not mine. They recorded my voice and send the record for the audio and voice forensic analysis. It proved that the voice was not mine. Then they went into details of the number again and inquired whether it was the same number. I told them that my number was not the same. Only then they realise that their Folly
Finally, I was allowed to go and all the charges were removed. I was also interviewed by many news channels. I became a star.

After it was all over, I realised that every cloud has a silver lining.

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